From Max

I asked my Grandfather to put down for me why and what he is writing. He wrote the following piece for me.
I was a great reader from am early age. They tell me I used to come to the dinner table with a book. I know I used to go down the whole shelf at the library in Winnipeg in the sections that interested me. When I was about your age I found a copy of Shakespeare's plays in the junkyard behind our house. I loved them and I began to write small things myself. I know I was always good at school in composition. In high school I wrote some stuff for the Yearbook. When I started University I began to write poetry to be published in the Student newspaper until I married. After that I no longer had time for that. That was true throughout my working career. During those fifty years I was totally focused on supporting my family. I wrote a lot, but it was all related to my work. There may be only two or three things that I found in my papers that were written during those years.
When I retired to Ireland, with my childhood sweetheart by my side, all the suppressed ferment of those years was suddenly released. I turned to poetry because I could finish a thought in a much shorter time. I am working on novels, but they are much more complicated to produce. I feel a sense of the shortness of time. I realize that in all my work life I have left nothing tangible behind for all the time I took away from my children that could perhaps have been better spent with them rather than focusing on work. I am hoping that with my writing I can leave something tangible behind that they can appreciate.
I have chosen a number of different topics and organized my poetry writing under these subjects. Other books will be available as anthologies and books organized by year of writing.. My first two "Irish For a While" and an anthology, "Having The Rhyme Of My Life" have been published by  in 2010. They are available for sale on their web site. I will be publishing six with Ingram Publishing in the United States. They will be available in the coming year on a number of site. The first two submitted are "God's Thunder In The Sky" and "Love For Life". Their subjects are self evident.The next two will be "Poetic License And Other Nonsense" and "Rehearsing How To Live" The first focuses on some experimental approaches to poetry and ideas. The second focuses on past lives and the challenges of living and aging. The last two of the series which yet require some work are "O My America" and "Little Children Teach Us".